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The Gray Barn

The Gray Barn, Amy’s multi-purpose art studio, allows her to pursue her passions. The space houses her interior design business, a ceramics workshop.
Amy Biztek,
Ceramic Artist

Amy produces one-off pieces of ceramics pottery, in clear crackle glazed porcelain, and Raku stoneware.

As a designer, her head is constantly swimming with ideas and designs for future projects. With lots of hard work and dedication she manages to bring her ideas to life and revels in the hands-on process of glowing-hot pots, smoke, flames, and unpredictably beautiful results.

Amy designed a studio space to be able to house her budding passion for pottery and be able to work from home as an interior designer. The space is filled with a mess of clay, hot kilns, and various fabric and material samples.

An artist is only as good as her tools.

Amy takes great care of only selecting the best materials, and attends a number of workshops and training seminars to deepen her technical knowledge of the artform. She currently sells sets of porcelain serving platters, cookie stands, pitchers and vases, which are absolutely stunning.

Amy’s ceramic works are a labor of love.

It requires an entire day of work to produce 12 pieces. The designer makes her pots extra special by adding pieces of horse hairs to her works, which produce the charred black rims of the cup featured above.


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